CDM machine progression

CDM is one of the mechanical wet mixing methods of deep mixing to make CDM piles.

The drilling rod, rotative blades and free blade operate jointly to cut the soil mechanically into fine pieces and prevent it from forming a clod rotating with the drilling rod. High strength and highly uniform CDM piles are formed with the combined use of the free blade and an injecting slurry flow. This method can be applied to produce piles from diameter of 600mm to 1600mm, at ~35 m depth.

  1. High quality
    Special mixing blade and automatic control system yield high quality results in comparison with other methods.
  2. Safe construction
    Less danger in construction work through mechanical processes, reducing manual labor during construction.
  3. Efficiency & Cost-effectiveness
    Prompt effect, simple and speedy construction work, cost saving.
  4. Multi-application
    Applicable in sandy soil, highly viscous clay, loam, and unsolidified peat.
    Able to make a large diameter and deep columns.
  5. Environment-friendly construction
    Minimizes vibration, reducing construction noise, lessens exhaust fumes and underground water output.


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